11 Things You Somehow Missed At Universal Studios Orlando Resort

You might have been too busy screaming on VelociCoaster to notice all these details.

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Universal Orlando Resort takes guests right into some of their favourite movies and television shows.

The theme park and resort features plenty of thrilling roller coasters, stage shows that take you into the heart of epic franchises and unique special events that take place all year round to keep things fresh.

No matter how many times you visit the resort there's always fun to be had. With Halloween Horror Nights, Mardi Gras and Universal Holidays; the parks always seem to have something fun going on.

With the parks being founded on taking you into the movies, the resort always has had plenty of details that blow aways film fans. From the huge fire breathing dragon in Diagon Alley to Blues Brothers taking to the stage in the New York area, there's so many things to see.

If you've been to the park many times you might think you know everything, yet there are some secrets in both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida that you might not have yet uncovered.

We've scoured the parks, uncovering all the secrets that most regular park goers might not have seen.

Here are 11 things that you probably missed the last time you visited Universal Orlando Resort...

11. The Explosion In Marvel Superhero Island

weasley hat harry potter orlando

There's plenty of hidden details at Islands of Adventure's Marvel Superhero Island.

You can see the signature of Adam Kubert strategically placed in all the artwork. Fans of Marvel comics will be overjoyed to see nods to their favourite heroes all around and there's even paint work that appears to change colour as you walk around.

One detail that park goers seem to completely overlook is hidden in plain sight. A massive explosion!

Located across from The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man you can find plinths decorated with an array of Marvel characters. If you look down, the pavement has been designed to resemble a dust cloud.

It turns out our Marvel heroes and villains crashed down to Islands of Adventure leaving behind the smokey pavement and the plinths are comic style details for the explosion. The explosion design even goes out to the edge of lagoon where the cloud of smoke has created ripples in the design.

Comic fans might also be interested to know that when the land opened actual comics named after the land were created and sold within the park, reflecting three of the land's new attractions.

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