11 Unintentionally Awkward Movie Moments

Because not even the world's most glorious hat will save you when you're singing voice isn't up to it.

There are plenty of awkward moments in film, especially in comedy. That makes sense because awkwardness, when intentional, is just pretty funny. Think of Ted getting his penis stuck in his zipper in There's Something About Mary, the moments in American Pie when Jim's father wants to talk about sex, or hell, most of the scenes in Meet The Parents. The recent comedy That Awkward Moment is even dedicated to the awkwardness of dating, even if it isn't very good. Not only comedy seems to be fond of awkwardness. It€™s everywhere. An example many people would like to erase from their memory €“ Nicole Kidman masturbating in front of John Cusack in The Paperboy. Painfully awkward, but effective. People really dig awkwardness. A scene can also be awkward while the director€™s intention was to make it moving, sad, or shocking. Sometimes it€™s awkward because the acting is just bad. Sometimes the script doesn€™t make any sense. Or a scene can be awkward because it€™s unclear what the director intended with it. Either way, these are moments you go "'Huh?", "What the heck?", or even "What the f*ck?" In a good way, or a bad way. This article gives 11 such moments, some of them awful, others marvellous, but all of them unintentionally awkward.

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