11 Unnecessarily Flamboyant Scenes Wasted In Terrible Movies

Money down the drain.

Have you ever been watching a movie and thought, "Man, that scene must've been expensive", mere moments before coming to the realisation, "But wait, why was that scene even in the movie?" We're looking at bad movies which included ridiculously flamboyant scenes (either by way of cost or technical complexity) that ultimately served little purpose in the scope of the narrative and were also essentially wasted because each movie was, for want of a better word, garbage. These scenes and moments range from unnecessarily complex CGI imagery that clashed with the rest of the film, to elaborate song-and-dance scenes that served little dramatic purpose, and absurdly costly moments that were ultimately squandered on such poor material. Some of these moments are genuinely diverting, whereas others would seem pointless in even the best movie, but the common thread is that they've all had a lot of time, effort and money put into them, and it was pretty much all for naught, because all of these movies just ended up sucking anyway. What do you make of these needlessly flashy, flamboyant scenes and shots? Are there any classic examples we missed? Or do you care to defend any of these movies? Let us know in the comments!

11. The Clock Shot - The Longest Yard

The Scene: In order to transition from outside the prison to inside the main cell block, Peter Segal pans into a clock mounted outside the prison, passes through a screw in the middle, shows off all the cogs and machinery inside of the clock, comes out the other side, snakes through the bowels of the building and finally passes through the keyhole of a maintenance door, leading to the cell block. Why It's Unnecessary: Because this is an American football movie starring Adam Sandler, that's why. This isn't exactly a movie that needs a massive visual effects budget, and yet, Segal for some reason felt it necessary to throw in this pointlessly over-the-top image, when a cut to inside the prison would have been just as effective and a lot less bemusing. It's as though Segal ended up with more money for the movie's few visual effects than he needed, and just decided to spunk the excess on one needlessly showy image just for the hell of it.

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