11 Upcoming Movies That Have Ignored Massive Mistakes

Hot, young Jafar isn't working.

Aladdin 2019 Jafar

If Hollywood has consistently proven anything, it's that filmmaking is one hell of an unpredictable business, and it's incredibly difficult to figure out which movies will hit both critically and commercially (especially the latter).

But regardless of how these 12 films end up performing at the box office, each has courted plenty of pre-release scepticism from audiences, who aren't yet convinced that they're going to overcome some major red flags.

From questionably-cast characters to eyebrow-raising directorial choices and even a simple lack of necessity, it's fair to say that nobody would be surprised if these movies cratered with critics if not also general audiences.

Fingers are certainly crossed that a couple of them might be able to stave off bad marketing and succeed on the strength of their overall craft, but it's sensible not to give studios the benefit of the doubt, and simply be pleasantly surprised if your suspicions are in fact wrong.

For the majority, though, expect them to land on the cinematic scrap-heap, with their approaches to the material being as misguided and baffling as they are...

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