11 Upcoming Movies Which Might Revive Dying Genres

Think the gritty DC comic book movie is dead? Think again!

Warner Bros.

Traditionally, movie genres continuously fall in and out of favour with audiences. They're very much reflective of what their context more broadly says. You only have to look back at the history of cinema to notice this: think back to the golden age of classic Western action films before they fell foul of the cinema-going audience, as a good example.

Thanks to this cyclical nature, it often falls to particularly inspired directors to reinvent genre conventions with a landmark movie which inevitably brings said genre back to the fore; again, think of something like Bone Tomahawk as a film experimenting with the classic Western movie.

2019 is shaping up to be a year full of experimentation for the likes of the zombie movie, horror, a chance for DC to reinvent itself and another chance at a video game movie finally being good. With any luck, the films on this list will hopefully inject some new life into some of the genres of modern cinema which need it most.

11. Downton Abbey - The Period Drama

Downton Abbey

ITV's smash-hit period drama finished with its Christmas special back in 2015, however longtime fans were delighted to hear that there was going to be a filmed adaptation which would continue the series set to release later this year.

Downton is arguably one of the most successful period serialised period dramas we've had in years, so whilst plot details are scarce beyond stating that this continuation will be set in 1927, we're almost guaranteed a quality time. With original (and Oscar-winning) writer Julian Fellowes behind the plot once more, we're guaranteed the same explosive, gossip-driven plots that fans had enjoyed for years.

We might be lacking plot details, but the cast list alone is stellar; almost every single member from the surviving central cast is confirmed to return (more Maggie Smith is always a plus), and there’s plenty more British talent joining them, too. Think Imelda Staunton, David Haig and Tuppence Middleton, to name a few.

If successful, the Downton movie will definitely ensure the return of period dramas to the silver screen, especially in the same year that The Favourite and Mary Queen of Scots have already done quite as well as they did.


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