11 Upcoming Movies Which Might Revive Dying Genres

10. Frozen 2 - Disney Sequels

Frozen 2 Vista

Disney’s sequels from the 90s/ early 2000s generally didn’t land much praise save for a few special treats from the so-called “Disney Renaissance” of animated classics. The House of Mouse’s sequels back then were more often fodder for the straight-to-video and rental markets.

More recently (thanks to their acquiring Pixar), Disney sequels started to get bigger billing, and, although the Cars sequels are better left forgotten, the level of quality in a Disney sequel improved, but sequels still seem to get second billing to new IPs. However, it’d be pretty hard to ignore the titanic success of Frozen, so it’s not surprising that Elsa and the gang are back for a second adventure.

When asked about a sequel back in 2014, Disney's CEO said that Disney weren't going to 'mandate a sequel' or 'force storytelling' without a genuine reason to go back Elsa and the world of Frozen. With a trailer that seems to show Elsa trying to surpass the limits of her powers underscored with powerful, atmospheric music, there seems to be a looming threat that spells trouble for Elsa and warrants this new adventure. Hopefully, Frozen 2 will set a new threshold for Disney sequels to surpass.


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