12 Actors Joss Whedon Always Casts In His Work

Proof that Whedon is very good to his friends...

Joss Whedon has earned undying praise for that great characters and sharp dialogue that pepper his work, although it's not just audiences who're attracted to his writing skill; actors love him for the same reasons - they always know they've got something good to work from with a Whedon script. He really is very much an actor's director, treating productions as incredibly collaborative processes. All of this might explain, then, why so many actors like to work with the guy again and again. It isn't unusual for directors to rely on the same actors (think Martin Scorsese with De Niro and DiCaprio or Tim Burton and Johnny Depp) but Whedon might just have the biggest collection of names you'll always see in the credits of one of his productions. There are a number of recurring Whedon actors out there, but the following dozen are those who have played the most characters under his direction.

12. Camden Toy

Camden Toy is an anomaly among common Joss Whedon actors as he has never actually worked with the man outside of the Buffyverse. However, the actor - who is a veteran at working under prosthetics - made up for that fact by playing four different parts across the two series. Toy's most well-remembered Buffy role is as one of the sinister silent Gentlemen from the acclaimed season four episode Hush (you'll recognise the creatures as being the ones who have plagued your nightmares ever since you first saw them). He later returned to the show for the seventh season where he played two more villains, namely the Gollum-like Gnarl in Same Time, Same Place and then the fearsome Ubervamp in several episodes starting with Never Leave Me. He also appeared in Angel's season five as ancient vampire the Prince of Lies.

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