12 Actors Who Got Drunk Or Stoned For Auditions

Remarkably, being pissed doesn't always stop you getting the part...

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Even at the very top of the game, auditioning has got to be one of the toughest parts of acting. Somehow, over the course of maybe a couple of scenes, you have to prove not only that you're a good actor, but also that you're right for the part. And you've got to also make sure you don't let the circumstances of the audition get to you, so the ability to deal with pressure is pretty useful too.

For many, succeeding at auditions means preparation - sometimes for a long time - including research, focus, getting a good night's sleep and being well-hydrated. For others, it's just a matter of getting blitzed out of your cage and turning up to the audition drunk or stoned.

It's not always that intentional, but you'd be surprised how many actors have tried out for roles with the help of some good old-fashioned substance abuse...

Honourable Mention

Jodie Comer Got Drunk With Phoebe Waller-Bridge Before Her Killing Eve audition


Meeting your heroes is one thing, but meeting them at an after-party, getting incredibly drunk with them and bonding with them so much you worry you've ruined an upcoming audition for them is another entirely.

That's what happened to Jodie Comer, who told the Guardian that she met Phoebe Waller-Bridge - creator and writer of Killing Eve - at a post-BAFTAs party and the two connected that night over lots of booze. Luckily, Waller-Bridge recognised a kindred spirit in her and it didn't hurt her audition.

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