12 Actors Who Should Play Wolverine Next

Anyone got Tom Hardy's number?

Wolverine is dead, long live Wolverine.

According to Hugh Jackman, he's completely done with playing Wolverine. As he has long promised, Logan is his swan song - and a fitting one it is - and he's off to put his body through considerably less strain for more pleasant roles. The world of comic book movies is a poorer place for his loss, and there will be some - including his Logan director James Mangold - who believe he shouldn't be recast at all.

Luckily though, Fox aren't complete idiots. They may have struggled to make a good Fantastic Four movie three times and some of their X-Men releases have been patchy at best, but they know the strength in the Wolverine brand. They know he is their blue chip commodity, and dropping him from the bill would be like Warner Bros putting Batman on ice. It's just not going to happen.

So what happens next? Does the studio set about trying to find someone who will be able to perform as Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, for the sake of a smoother transition? Do they go bold and cast against type and reimagine the character? Do they simply promote X-23 to the leading role? (They shouldn't, she deserves her own movies).

What everything boils down to now is one over-arching, massively important question. Who replaces Jackman as Wolverine?


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