12 Awesome Horror Movie Monsters We Didn't Get Enough Of

From "where'd it go" wendigos, to Scary Stories We Barely Saw In The Dark, to Cthulu cameos...


Movie monsters are a tricky breed—on the one hand, if we see too much of them, they’re bound to become laughable and any fear they prompted from us will go out the window. Look no further than the famous case of legendary helmer Steven Spielberg working around a malfunctioning shark prop on his 1975 blockbuster creature feature Jaws for a story of a filmmaker’s attempts to hide his less-than-stellar monster proving more effective than any actual onscreen reveal could have been.

That said, as 1957’s classic supernatural chiller The Night of the Demon proves, often times revealing the monster at all serves only to deflate tension and let the audience down. As such, most filmmakers attempt to shroud their horror movie villains in darkness as much as possible—even when they’re brilliantly designed and frankly, we’d love to see a little more of them.

With that in mind, here are twelve movie monsters plucked from the depths of horror obscurity which we wished we could have seen more of—sequel-hungry executives, take note.


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