12 Awesome Moments From Super Bowl 2018 Trailers

Who doesn't need more Jeff Goldblum in their life?

Jeff Goldblum Jeep

The Super Bowl has come and gone for another year, and really, the sports extravaganza is just an elaborate excuse for movie studios and TV networks to splash millions of dollars on glossy, frantic ads for their biggest upcoming projects over the next six-or-so months.

The offerings this year certainly didn't disappoint for the most part, from enticing trailer debuts for some of the summer's most anticipated (and ridiculous) films, to new glimpses of long-awaited tentpoles, some hilariously self-aware troll ads, and an absolute megaton of a reveal that just about nobody saw coming.

With the Super Bowl itself being one of the most exciting games in years and the commercials quickly setting the Twittersphere alight, next year's Super Bowl ads will need to deliver quite the blow to top this level of unforgettable insanity.

But we can all pretend that the gross Martin Luther King-themed Dodge Ram advert never happened, right?

12. The Rock Takes An Epic Leap Of Faith - Skyscraper

Skyscraper The Rock

The first trailer dropped for Dwayne Johnson's upcoming summer blockbuster Skyscraper, which basically looks like his bonkers, big-budget take on Die Hard. And if you love your action movies dumb and daft, that's no bad thing.

It looks absolutely absurd, no doubt, with the trailer culminating in an outrageous, death-defying sequence where Johnson's protagonist leaps from a crane towards the colossal titular building in an attempt to get back inside. In the same sequence, he also ends up hanging from a rope...by his prosthetic leg, because why not?

Nobody, surely, will criticise this film for taking itself too seriously, because from this first glimpse, it looks like it could be one of the summer's most entertaining B-movies.

Between this and Rampage, Johnson has truly cornered the market on summer schlock.


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