12 Awesome Moments From Super Bowl 2018 Trailers

11. Westworld Season 2 Confirmed For April 22

Westworld Dolores

HBO announced the release date for Westworld's second season in incredible style with a gorgeous, artistic two-minute trailer set to Ramin Djawadi's delightful piano cover of Kanye West's classic "Runaway".

Though Dolores' final narration is almost hilariously cliched - "We can burn it to the ground. From the ashes, build a new world" - the eye-meltingly surreal visuals, ethereal music and final confirmation of that April 22 premiere date nevertheless made it an alluring tease for what's to come.

The ad was directed by Westworld's co-creator Jonathan Nolan, and while it remains to be seen how much of this imagery will actually make it into the show, it's nothing if not a perfect distillation of everything Westworld is.


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