12 Awesome Sounding Sequels We Wish Had Happened

Gladiator It's an undeniable fact that in most cases sequels are terrible. Too often, especially in the modern era, they are poorly produced attempts at cashing in on a movie's popularity, with little effort or thought put into them. Now this is not always the case, sometimes sequels are planned out in advance, and sometimes they are just as good, if not better than the film that came before, and occasionally they are super awesome ideas that get buried deep in the bottomless pits of development hell. There are many great films that have rotten away in the darkness, some little more than an idea and others with fully fledged scripts. Follow me as we take a peak at 12 such sequels that never saw the light of day but that would have been awesome. Beware, spoilers could be ahead if you haven't seen the original films in question...

12. The Usual Suspects Sequel - Searching For Keyser Soze

keyser soze When done right a twist ending can elevate a film from good to great as was the case with Bryan Singer€™s 1995 neo-noir master piece The Usual Suspects. An unforgettable flick with an all-star cast and a enough twist and turns to make any viewer dizzy. Suspects transformed Singer into one of Hollywood€™s hottest, allowing him to take the wheel of several big budget action-adventures like X-Men, and Superman Returns. Though sadly Singer€™s talent seems somewhat lost in these blockbuster making many wish he€™d return to the smart, gritty crime that made him. Something that may have happened if the planned Usual Suspects sequel had ever made it past the planning stages. Not a whole lot is known about the Usual Suspects 2 other than a title, Searching for Keyser Soze. One could surmise it would be about someone trying to track down the mythical crime boss originally played by Kevin Spacey. Back in 2004 Chazz Palminteri who played agent Dave Kujan in The Usual Suspects had gone on record saying that study heads were €œBeyond the talking stages.€ But that was quite some time ago, and there€™s been no further news about this follow up. It€™s a shame too, by the end of The Usual Suspects it seemed as if there was so much more story to tell. We had just learned everything we had witness was a lie concocted by a criminal mastermind who simply walks away leaving us all to question what really happened. A squeal offers us the chance to learn more about Soze, who he truly is, and what he is capable of. Sadly like the legend himself this film €œLike that, it€™s gone.€
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