12 Awful Films DCEU Actors Want You To Forget

Superman vs Pinhead! Lex Luthor robs banks! Half of Nicole Kidman's career!


Look, let’s try to be balanced and fair here—every career has its ups and downs. Very few actors would turn down a chance to take on a role in the blockbuster series of DC Extended Universe flicks which have packed out multiplexes for the last few years, but most of these thespians have a large back catalogue of lesser roles to their name before the major comic book publisher/ movie studio collaboration comes calling.

And almost inevitably, these back catalogues tend to include a few questionable choices on the part of these future stars, all of whom no doubt presumed that these early career roles would never be dredged up by a movie website looking for execrable efforts hidden amongst their old roles. However, a few of these DCEU stars have the temerity to star in awful flicks well after they’ve already become famous and successful—whether it’s an ambitious project which fell flat or a blatant payday job whose shoddy quality the actors couldn’t have cared less about.

Whatever the cause, here are a dozen of the dreadful movies that future MCU stars wish they could erase from existence.


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