12 Bafflingly High 2018 IMDB Scores You Will Not Believe

IMDB says: Bohemian Rhapsody > Black Panther.

Bohemian Rhapsody IMDB

Though Rotten Tomatoes is generally accepted to be the industry standard for gauging the response to a movie, IMDB's user ratings actually give a far more accurate reflection of what Joe Public thinks.

While a given film's Tomatometer score is composed of just a few hundred critics, IMDB is a more "democratic" voting pool with an average score decided by literally hundreds of thousands of Regular People.

Even so, many scoff at IMDB's user scores for being wildly over-inflated and proving too generous towards broad mainstream fare while punishing more experimental and arty films. And whether or not any of these 2018 films are actually good or not, each has had its esteem blown wildly out of proportion by over-eager filmgoers getting a little carried away with themselves...

12. Mile 22 (6.1)

Mark Wahlberg Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg's mediocre genre vehicles tend to fare far better with paying audiences than critics, as evidenced by the generous ratings for both Daddy's Home movies (6.0 and 6.1 respectively) as well as Ted 2 (6.3), Contraband (6.5) and Shooter (7.2).

Mile 22 is sadly much worse than all of those films, a headache-inducing action flick suffused with excessive shaky cam set-pieces, a tone-deaf script and a thoroughly charmless Wahlberg performance.

Even a hammy John Malkovich and a rock solid Lauren Cohan can't do much to save this one.

The Score It Deserves: The critics were pretty close here, awarding it a 4.1 average score on the Tomatometer.

Sure, some might deem it watchable trash to unwind with on a lazy weeknight, but anything above 4.5 for this nonsense is just absurd.


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