12 Batman Movie Mistakes You Can Never Unsee

Catwoman, real name... WHAT?!

Batman Selena Kyle Mistake
Warner Bros.

Batman can lay claim not only to Gotham, but to many impressive firsts as a franchise. The campy television iteration starring Adam West may be a very sixties curio for modern viewers, but the fact remains that its success eventually paved the way not only for Marvel and DC’s multi-million dollar forays into the world of television, but also every Watchmen, The Boys, and assorted other televisual incarnations of superhero stories.

Not only that, 1989’s Tim Burton-directed Batman was a massive hit, and its subsequent series of sequels proved there was a market for more dark-but-fun adult superhero stories on the big screen. Christopher Nolan’s reboot of the films managed to bring comic book adaptations some mainstream critical love, as well as huge commercial success, and Zack Snyder’s version-

Well, the Batman franchise has always been plagued by the occasional irksome mistake, whether it’s on the small screen, in print, or even at the multiplex. As this list can attest, no version of Gotham’s favourite son is free from sin, and even the more acclaimed films are dotted with continuity goofs and all manner of plot holes.

So at the risk of sounding like we’re angry over magic xylophones, here are the twelve most shocking mess ups on Batman’s cinematic history.

12. Just The Batman, The Joker, And... The Random Crew Member

Batman Selena Kyle Mistake
Warner Bros.

Ah, The Dark Knight. Was there ever a more critically and commercially adored comic book film?

Anchored by a career-best and deservedly Oscar winning performance from the late Heath Ledger, Christopher Nolan’s second outing for the Caped Crusader was an intense, thoughtful, and propulsive thriller which never let up.


In one of the film’s most iconic moments, Batman’s interrogation of the Joker, it seems the crew were a touch too absorbed in the tense drama of the epic confrontation between the stoic hero and the sneering villain.

At least, that would explain why there’s a cameraman clearly visible in the mirror behind the Joker as Batman shoves him against the wall—right at the most dramatic moment of the already-intense sequence. Oops.


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