12 Best Fake Captain America: Civil War Posters

Marvel needs to hire these guys!

Spider-Man Civil War

There’s a certain irony to how awfully generic most of Marvel’s movie posters look. Coming from a company that is literally founded on decades on spectacular visual artwork, they seem to always settle for the lazily photoshopped poster that crams every cast member into the image.

And while Captain America: Civil War’s marketing campaign hasn’t begun yet, you can bet that when it does ramp up in the coming months we’ll be treated to more of the same. Which is a shame, because there’s plenty of quality options out there.

There's a variety of artists scattered across the internet who mocked up fake posters that represent the movie in ways far more creative than you'd expect from Marvel Studios. From the recurring duality of Captain America and Iron Man to battle scenes recreated straight from the comics, it’s somewhat incredible that there’s such a vast talent pool of artists out there who Marvel hasn’t thought to scoop up yet.

These posters are not official, but they all serve the same purpose: to get people excited about Captain America: Civil War. In fact, this an assortment of posters, varied in tone and style, could easily pass for the real thing.

12. Zemo Reigns From The Shadows

Spider-Man Civil War
Marvel/deviantArt: Rin-Nightshade

Despite crowding them beyond belief, official Marvel posters often fail to individually highlight their characters. So it's all the more impressive that this one, done completely with shadows, is able to accomplish that feat. You can clearly pick out who each distinctive silhouette belongs to and it simultaneously helps all of the characters blend well together.

This minimalist approach from Rin-Nightshade is a very retro take on the material. It uses pops of colour to sell the style and you could almost be fooled by the credits in the bottom into thinking that this poster was the real thing

What stands out is giving the focus to Baron Zemo. He's the real villain of the film, yet he’s been mostly forgotten, left off the majority of fan posters so far. With no official images released of the character yet, we instead get his threatening comic book self towering over the background.


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