12 Best Fake Captain America: Civil War Posters

11. Cap's New Avengers

Spider-Man Civil War
Marvel/deviantArt: SuperDude001

For many, that brief tease at the end of Age Of Ultron didn't show nearly enough of Captain America's team of New Avengers. Finally, we can have a good look at that group as SuperDude001 has given us a high-definition and beautifully rendered look at the new roster. The costume changes given to the characters really sells the image and seeing them together absolutely builds excitement for the future of the team.

In particular, the attention afforded to Cap's new costume and the overhaul of Scarlet Witch really stands out. Despite the poster featuring six major characters, it doesn't feel stuffed, letting each Avenger shine.

With inspiration draw from the posters of Fury, that's likely the reason the layout feel so strong. It's a good place to start and as a result, the feel of the poster as a whole comes across as resembling the real thing.


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