12 Best Horror Movies Since The Year 2000

12. A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003)

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This list was incredibly difficult to whittle down to twelve (ten would have been impossible) so this slot was highly contentious. In the end it had to go to the totally-deserving A Tale Of Two Sisters. This is a movie that deals with grief, insanity, and ugly family dynamics- all staples of the horror genre.

ATOTS manages to combine these elements with an unparalleled deft elegance. The basic premise is as follows: two sisters return home from a stay in a mental hospital. Their father and stepmother greet them but things are clearly tense. The family'€™s attempts at normalcy are thwarted by nightmares, nervous attacks, and general mistrust.

A traumatic occurrence has scarred their collective psyche and it seems they might never recover. Who among (if any) of these characters is truly sane, and what could have possibly happened to catalyze this terrifying chain of events?


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