12 Best Horror Movies Since The Year 2000

11. Let The Right One In (2008)

Sandrew Metronome/Magnet Releasing

Let The Right One In is quite possibly the perfect vampire movie. The sub-genre was hurting for a quality entry, as everything in recent years seemed to either sparkle or satirise. Vampires used to be scary, and Let The Right One In proved they still can be; in fact, it went one step further and showed you that they can be tragic, lovable creatures with a heavy burden to bear.

The sympathetic anti-hero is Eli, a peculiar 12 (or 200)-year old vampire living next door to Oskar, the film€™s protagonist. Eli has a thirst, and Oskar is an outcast who can'€™t help but attract bullies. They strike up an unlikely friendship that seems genuinely warm amidst the frosty Swedish set pieces. This is a beautiful, moving film that just so happens to also be blood-soaked. Not (necessarily) for fans of Twilight.


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