12 Best Horror Movies You Can Watch Online For FREE

It's scary how many good films are out there just waiting to be watched.

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Streaming has taken over the world. There's numerous platforms from which you can stream, all coming with their own premium subscription price. With so many options it can be challenging not only to know what's available, but where it's available.

Thanks to streaming services like Tubi and Vudu, you're able to stream hundreds upon hundreds of movies for free, albeit with a few commercial breaks here and there.

When it comes to the horror genre, there's a shocking amount of movies available. More surprising is the amount of good movies available. Many horror fans know just how deluded the genre has become, with bad horror movies being pumped out one after another. While there's definitely some stinkers out there on Tubi and Vudu, there's plenty of classics like Child's Play and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This list was surprisingly hard to narrow down simply because of the amount of quality content available for free.

If you're a fan of horror and want something new to watch then you should do yourself the favor of looking through some of these services that are available. If you're in to cult classics, campy B-movies, supernatural horror, foreign horror or any other of the countless subgenres of horror then you'll be in for a treat.

12. The Voices

American Mary
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Available on: Tubi & Vudu

Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a joyful man who hallucinates that his cat and dog are talking to him and influencing his every day life. His cat, Mr. Whiskers, voiced by Reynolds himself, is the devil on his shoulder. Steering him down the path of lust, sin and occasionally murder. While his dog, Bosco, also voiced by Reynolds, is the angel on his shoulder trying to lead him down the path of righteousness.

If it sounds like a weird movie, well that's because it is. That, however, is where the charm of the movie lies, as it toes the line between being both a black comedy and horror. Reynolds does an amazing job bringing the laughs while also punching home the fact that not all things are as they appear. You'll go from scenes of Reynolds feeding breakfast to a talking severed head to him cutting apart a body and then working at a bathtub factory.

It's a role where Reynolds can do what he does does best, where humor can peak through the drama. This is the perfect film for anyone looking for a light horror movie to watch.


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