12 Best Old School Hollywood Feuds

5. Frank Sinatra Vs. Shelley Winters

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Oscar-winning actress Shelley Winters was as famed for her acting talents as she was her prolific love life. Alongside taking no less than four husbands before her death in 2006, Winters had countless high-profile lovers allegedly including Sean Connery, Errol Flynn, Marlon Brando and Burt Lancaster amongst others.

But there was one man who wasn’t so susceptible to Winters’ charm: Frank Sinatra, her co-star in the 1952 musical Meet Danny Wilson. Although Sinatra’s character pined after Winters’ in the film, things weren’t quite so loved up behind the scenes.

Ol’ Blue Eyes, who apparently only minced his words whilst crooning, reportedly called Winters a “bow-legged bitch of a Brooklyn blonde” after which she allegedly punched him (fair enough) and retorted by calling Sinatra a “skinny, no-talent, stupid Hoboken bastard.”

Funnily enough, Meet Danny Wilson would be the first and last time the two sparring stars ever worked together.

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