12 Best Performances In 2017 Films (So Far)

11. Kristen Stewart – Personal Shopper

Les Films du Losange

French director Olivier Assayas teamed up again with Kristen Stewart this year after first working together on 2014’s Clouds of Sils Maria and it seems the duo are a winning combination. Their last collaboration secured Stewart the César Award for Best Supporting Actress, making her the first American actress to win the French prize, and she’s again wowing critics with her role in Personal Shopper.

Part ghost story, part drama and part psychological thriller it’s a film that defies classification and puts Stewart front and centre as Maureen – a young woman working a mundane fashion industry job in Paris whilst mourning the loss of her twin brother and trying to make psychic contact with him in the afterlife.

Stewart usually gets a lot of flak for her acting style – awkward and lacking in emotion are just a couple of criticisms levelled at her – but in Personal Shopper her gauche, unaffected style is played to full effect as the grieving, empty Maureen and helps to anchor the movie’s more bizarre elements.


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