12 Biggest Unanswered DC Movie Mysteries

So did Batman just leave the Batmobile plans lying around?

Warner Bros.

For all of the bumps in the road and the criticisms they've inspired, Warner Bros have released some incredible movies under the DC banner. We've seen wildly different takes on the Batman mythology, hugely varied takes on Superman, a towering adaptation of an unadaptable Alan Moore epic, and thankfully we didn't get that Green Lantern film with Jack Black as Hal Jordan.

The studio - and partners DC obviously - were the first to really explore the possibilities of comic book movies as a mainstream genre, turning "funny books" into million dollar franchises long before Kevin Feige's MCU master plan was even a gleam in his eye (though you suspect he might dispute that...) And along the way, they've weaved complex narratives with rich references back to the source material and to other films, even leaving open questions to whip up discussion among fans.

Since the start of the DC movie universe, there have been some mysteries left unresolved: some accidentally, some to be revealed in future and some provocatively for effect. And all have given fans cause to lose sleep.

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