12 Biggest Unanswered DC Movie Mysteries

12. Why Is Lois Lane The Key? - Batman V Superman

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When Bruce Wayne is gifted a vision of the Knightmare future in Batman v Superman - and then visited by The Flash - he is given the following ominous warning by his future speedster team-mate...

"Bruce! Listen to me right now! It’s Lois! Lois Lane! She’s the key! Am I too soon!? I'm too soon! You were right about him! You were always right about him! Fear him! Fear him and find us. You have to come find us, Bruce!"

Putting aside the question of who Bruce was right about (presumably it means Superman, as in that alternate timeline Supes has gone batsh*t crazy), the idea of Lois being key is a pretty massively intriguing one. Does Barry mean she's key to averting a Darkseid attack? Or did he mean she was key to stopping Clark going off the rails? Or is she involved in some way in helping him find his way back after his resurrection in Justice League?

All good questions, none with answers.

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