12 Biggest WTF Movie Moments In 2013

For better and for worse, it's the materially strange cinematic moments that tend to stick in our psyches more than any other. Be it something delightfully weird we couldn't have possibly expected, or something so tremendously warped and demented you'd need to be pretty deranged to think of it in the first place, these 12 movie moments are sure to go down in history as some of cinema's biggest WTFs of all time. They were celebrations of cinema's ability to surprise, astound and disgust us, a reminder of both the extreme greatness and supreme awfulness that cinema can achieve. Whatever you thought of these moments, it's hard to deny their staying power as iconic movie scenes, and a shout out to everyone releasing a movie in 2014 to see if they can up the craziness and out-WTF 2013. Also, don't forget to add your own suggestions in the comments below (unless it's about Superman killing Zod, because I'm fed up of reading about that)!

12. The Cerebral Palsy Phase - The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street was Martin Scorsese at his most brilliantly, perplexingly unrestrained, indulging in as much swearing, nudity, drug taking and general hedonism as a movie could possibly contain. One of the most talked about scenes features Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort tripping balls on his substance of choice, Lemmon Quaaludes. After figuring the 15-year-old pills were duds, Jordan gets the trip of a lifetime while on the phone to his father, collapsing to the floor, drooling and barely able to move. This causes Jordan to dub this new experience "the Cerebral Palsy phase", as DiCaprio hilariously writhes around on the floor for a few moments. Easily the funniest moment in a film absolutely filled to the brim with them.

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