12 Brilliant Recent Horror Movies That Shocked Everyone

11. The Invisible Man (2020)

Invisible Man
Universal Pictures

Originally slated for production in 2006, The Invisible Man was initially to be part of the rebooted Universal Horror franchise, then dubbed the Dark Universe. Johnny Depp was even down to play the titular character, I'll have you know.

Unfortunately, that Tom Cruise "The Mummy" remake happened, and we all know what a catastrophe that was. Brendan Fraser would have never.

For most film series, that would have been the end of it. (See, both Fantastic Four adaptions, or the attempt at making Eragon the next The Lord of the Rings.) But Universal didn't want to give up that easily, instead opting for an anthology of films instead of an extended cinematic universe.

It's an honourable update on H.G. Wells' 1897 book. Instead of a medical student playing with potions to render a person irreversibly invisible, we get a tech-wiz specialising in optical illusion. Pretty clever as far as modernisations go.

But rather than "Comic Book Hero Gone Wrong" scenario, since this guy is basically Tony Stark with the way he can whip up technological masterpieces, the focus is shifted from the inventor, to his harrassed ex-girlfriend.

Blending sci-fi horror and psychological horror, we're constantly dragged back and forth between wondering, is she really being stalked by her genius ex, or is she going mad from the paranoia? Watch it to find out.

(Spoiler alert: there is in fact an invisible man in The Invisible Man.)

The result? The Invisible Man is better than anyone could have hoped. It's already touted as one of 2020's best horrors.


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