12 Comic Book Movie Characters Screwed By Their Adaptation

Characters who were changed from the comics for the worse.

Comic book movies have produced some of the most popular characters in cinematic history; Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man and, most recently, Star-Lord to name but a few. One thing these popular characters have in common, in terms of their movie depictions, are their portrayals either being faithful to the comic book source material or being tweaked in a manner that a movie necessitates (for example, in the comics, despite not being superhuman, Batman is capable of strength feats far beyond those of any real world human being, which is toned down in the movies) - in which case the changes can be excused and accepted. However, a number of comic book movie characters are either changed completely unnecessarily or in a manner which renders them completely unrecognisable from the source material - and that's something that fans of the characters simply won't stand for and, in their eyes, it ruins the characters in question. In this article, we're going to take a look at those characters who were adapted on screen in such a way that they were completely ruined for ardent viewers by being completely unrecognisable from the versions known in the comic books. Here are twelve comic book movie characters that were completely screwed by adaptation...

12. Blackheart (Ghost Rider)

To understand just how lame this adaptation of Blackheart was, you have to understand exactly what he's capable of in the comics. The comic book version of the character is a massively powerful demon whose form is that of a monstrous beast. Why then, was Wes Bentley cast as a version of the character who resembled an angst-filled teenage goth? Seriously, this Blackheart was basically Wes Bentley's Ricky Fitts character from American Beauty, but with more aggression and some crappy superpowers. Comic book Blackheart can warp energy and reality itself on a large scale, he possesses telepathy and telekinesis, can shapeshift, has a healing factor and superhuman physical statistics as well as possessing the ability to use magic at a very powerful level. This movie version had a life-draining touch and some decent superhuman physical statistics, but that was it. The fact that the very non-threatening Bentley was portraying him didn't help matters either.

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