12 Comic Book Movie Rumours That Have Already Been Killed

Don't get too excited for Red Hood.

The Batman Red Hood

Everyone loves a comic book movie rumour. Even those fans who say that spoilers are the death of cinema will hungrily gobble up the latest super scoops on Twitter and the hints that Warner Bros can't help but drop when they're "marketing" their DCEU movies.

It's a culture that knows no bounds, which is precisely why James Gunn is perpetually hounded about Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 and why any actor at all attached to an ongoing comic book movie franchise is probed for secrets when marketing entirely unlinked movies. It's simple supply and demand.

Unfortunately, it also means that some people just flat out make sh*t up. In the absence of actually knowing anything, they release vague allusions to the plot, or outright spoilers they've written themselves seeking the validating warmth of web-wide attention. These people seem to congregate on 4Chan more than anywhere else.

Even with those landmines waiting to trip everyone up, it's possible to pick out some of the untruths. Sometimes directors and actors actually respond to them, sometimes circumstances render them obviously wrong. Whatever the manner, the truth will out.

Here are the things you really need to stop believing about upcoming comic book movies...

12. The Joker Will Be In Justice League

The Batman Red Hood
Warner Bros.

The Rumour

After being mostly cut out of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto's Joker will be returning for another bite of the cherry in Justice League.

The Killer Proof

According to ace scooper Umberto Gonzalez, it's a load of rubbish.

Would It Have Been Any Good?

No, actually.

Justice League needs a bigger, less personal villain than The Joker, who is too tied to Batman to sell an ensemble piece (even just as a cameo, he'd be extremely distracting).

But then again, as it is, we've got Steppenwolf (apparently) and Deathstroke - another very personal Batman villain - so who knows. As long as the villain isn't a huge amorphous blob with a bad temper, it'll be an improvement on Doomsday. And maybe The Joker should be kept for a Batman vs Joker movie.


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