12 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy The Indiana Jones Franchise

12. Indy Is Near-On Inessential To Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Though The Big Bang Theory brought this little slice of trivia to mass attention in one of its best known episodes, true Indy fans - of which Sheldon, apparently, is not - have already been confronting the fact that Indiana Jones is pretty inessential to the likes of Raiders of the Lost Ark for years. Seriously: if he hadn't bothered to have gotten involved in the story in the first place, the resolution would have been mostly the same. What's worse, had Indy never been involved, the outcome might have been a whole lot better: that's not say, if our favourite archaeologist hadn't meddled with the Nazis as they tried to get the Ark, they might have taken it directly to Berlin (instead of to that island), where Hitler would have been presented with it, thus melting him into oblivion. It's a cold, hard truth, but Indy could have prevented Hitler's death.

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