12 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy The Indiana Jones Franchise

10. Nobody Ever Seems Bothered About Killing Anybody Else

One of the most notable things about the world of Indiana Jones stems from the complete lack of empathy that emerges when one character does away with another; nobody - and we mean nobody - ever seems bothered in the slightest whenever they murder another human being, either on purpose or by accident. Characters here are totally free of remorse - even the ones who don't kill other people on a regular basis. You could put this down to two things, of course. Firstly, these movies were based on serials, which shared a similar, apathetic attitude towards human life. Secondly, it's the '30s; were people just not as bothered about other killing other people back then? Who knows? Seriously, though: Indy, Marion, Henry Jones, Willie Scott - a nightclub singer, for God's sake - don't seem fazed at all when they shoot, maim or stab folk.

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