12 Crazy Facts You Just Have To Accept To Enjoy The Indiana Jones Franchise

9. Indy Just "Knows" Not To Look At The Ark

Indiana Jones is a pretty smart guy; we know this because he seems to have attained information on everything archeology-related, can read lots of ancient scripture, and - oh, yeah - teaches archeology at a prestigious U.S. college. Despite not believing that the Ark is really a thing at the beginning of Raiders, though, Indy somehow acquires crucial information that eventually leads to the saving of his own life. In short, then, during the climax of the movie, the Ark of the Covenant is opened up and a bunch of Nazis are treated to a full facial... of the death kind. Whilst those guys are melted horrifically, however, Indy - the resourceful scientific type that he is - somehow knows what to do. "Don't look at it!" he shouts to girlfriend Marion Ravenwood. "Don't look at the Ark!" This totally works... but how the heck did he know?

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