12 Deeply Disturbed Female Film Characters

11. Alex Forrest - Fatal Attraction (1987)

fatal attraction Another Borderline Personality Disorder sufferer, Ms Forrest is not a woman you would want any sexual or romantic attachment with. in the film, Dan Gallagher gets himself involved in a whole can of psycho worms when he has a brief fling with Alex. First of all he is married and this affair is not important to him. But it means a great deal to Alex and she will go to any lengths to avoid abandonment. Alex slits her wrists in a suicide gesture (very typical Borderline behaviour), stalks Dan via phoning his office repeatedly and then his home number. She tracks him to a parking garage, pours acid over his vehicle and follows him home. In the film's most famous scene, Alex boils Dan's daughter's rabbit on the family stove. There is truly no end to this woman's craziness. In a coup de grace, she kidnaps Dan's kid and causes abject panic. In the end she gets her just desserts for being a psycho bitch from hell but do we, the audience, have sympathy for her because she was thrown away like a used Kleenex by Dan? Does Dan deserve this spurned woman campaign for being unfaithful to his wife? Whatever the answer, Alex Forrest will remain one of cinema's most iconic mad women.
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