12 Dire Plot Twists From Recent Hollywood Films

11. Pedro Pascal Did It - The Equalizer 2

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The most common type of plot twist in Hollywood right now is the surprise villain twist and 2018's The Equalizer 2, an OK but extremely messy action sequel, delivered one of the worst examples of this. It was one of those twists which was so ridiculously obvious it was kind-of funny, but mostly just annoying.

The Equalizer 2 concerns Robert McCall's (Denzel Washington) quest for vengeance after his best friend Susan (Melissa Leo) is killed while investigating a murder alongside Dave York (Pedro Pascal), who was McCall's partner in their Marine days.

Ultimately, McCall discovers (through a contact list on an assassin's phone) that York and his mercenaries killed Susan... which we all saw coming.

The giveaway was the casting. Pedro Pascal is a very talented and well-known actor and before this twist his character had been doing very little. It seemed unlikely Pascal would've been brought in for a nothing law enforcement role and therefore it was logical to assume the character would have a more substantial part to play later.

Additionally, the leader of the mercenaries being kept a mystery set up a plot twist involving a known character and York (who was a very badly-written villain overall) was easily the most likely candidate.


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