12 Disturbing Sci-Fi Movie Endings That Haunt You

11. Cube

Ex Machina Ending
Trimark Pictures

Splice helmer Vincenzo Natali’s twisty metaphysical debut took a neat, simple premise—what if you woke up with a group of strangers in the eponymous featureless cubic room and found yourself lead into a maze of identical rooms, each harbouring a new trap—and utilised it to brutal effect.

With the distrustful group of survivors proving as dangerous as the actual traps, the film whittles down its cast one by one with each twisted killer room they visit, only for a pair of them to actually escape in the end and see who is behind it all!

Wait, no, sorry never mind. One of them died in the attempt and the other only sees a bright light which may mean death or another identical room as easily as it could be an answer or freedom.



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