12 Disturbing "Would You Rathers" Inspired By Classic Horror Films

Would you rather be buried alive with spiders or burned at the stake?

Three little words, one big decision. And you thought Snog, Marry, Kill was bad. Chances are, if we ever found ourselves trapped in a horror movie, most of us would like to think that we'd be the noble character, fighting the bad guys to the end and if necessary, dying to protect our friends. But in reality, most of us would push our best friend into the arms of the killer and run for the hills. Because dying at the hands of a serial killer or a ghost has an awful way of ruining your day. So what if the choice isn't as easy as live or die? That's where those awful three words come in - would you rather - and when they're inspired by the scarring fears of iconic horror films, all bets are off...

12. Cut Off Your Own Leg To Escape Or Wait Indefinitely For Your Friends To Rescue You?

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