12 Dumbest Action Movie Weapons

Why would you need a fax machine on a gun?

Paramount Pictures

History has given us many impressive weapons throughout the centuries. Morningstars, broadswords and war scythes, to name a few.

Then movies came online, like other mediums, and gave us more variety of exotic weaponry. Lasers, lightsabers, plasma cannons... the list goes on.

And then there's these...

What seem like pretty sweet weapons of choice to start with are actually, on closer inspection, a bit dumb.

Sharpened items of clothing? Guns with more mod-cons than my car? Build-it-yourself broadswords?

One would wager that at the time of writing, and subsequent filming, a lot of yes man signed off on what they thought they were killer design choices. It's only under the scrutiny of the public eye that you realise how naff they really are.

Even taking away the real world applications of these, they still come across as pretty dumb in their own movie-verses. How can a five-pointed frisbee/boomerang really be the best legendary weapon going? I wouldn't trust myself with it.

Yet sadly, here we are. We're at the point now where someone should be hanging their head in shame at what silliness they put out to the public.

So, with an air of self-righteousness, let's have a look at a dozen of the dumbest movie weapons ever.


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