12 Dumbest Decisions In Harry Potter Movies

Magical mirror? No thanks, Sirius.

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Despite a high number of magical experts and supposed geniuses in the Wizarding World, there are an awful lot of idiots. The amount of times people are killed or badly injured because someone simply didn't think things through is incredible. And yes, it's a wild world where wizards, zombies, werewolves and goblins co-exist and it would be boring if everyone was sensible and nothing went wrong, but there's got to be a limit.

There are some decisions that you can put down to the same kind of impulsiveness that defined Harry Potter's heroism or the ones that helped Dumbledore enact his mysterious plan against Voldemort, but they weren't idiotic as much as impassioned and perhaps slightly dangerous. There are some far more idiotic missteps that basically almost killed people - and sometimes actually DID.

But which were the worst...?

12. Dumbledore Putting The Ring On

Dumbledore Gaunt Ring
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Albus Dumbledore is unquestionably one of the most fearsome, talented magic wielders in the history of wizarding. Not just in this universe, but in any wand carrying community ever dreamt up.

He's also the same man who hired a werewolf, who somehow missed one of his students becoming a fully paid-up Death Eater and who decided not to pass on crucial information to Harry, Ron and Hermione that would have massively helped them in their quest to destroy the Horcruxes. So, you know, his record was a little... patchy.

One of his all-time top idiotic efforts ended up leading directly to his death too - as well as lots of pain along the way. Imagine for a minute if Dumbledore hadn't just popped a ring that he knew was infected with terrible, powerful dark magic onto his finger casually. He might have known the legendary power of the Resurrection Stone (and the potential for it to bring back his dead family), but he also knew the truth of the Deathly Hallows and the Three Brothers and he STILL chanced it. Dumb by name...

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