12 Dumbest Movie Plot Twists Of 2017

The bad, the obvious, and the really, really stupid.

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A great plot twist can cement a movie in the annals of cinema history forever more, as is the case with The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, Psycho, The Empire Strikes Back, Saw and literally hundreds of other popular films.

If a movie gets it wrong, though, it's destined to live on in infamy until the end of time, because a bad plot twist can ruin the entirety of a film, fundamentally changing everything audiences thought they knew and leaving an extremely sour taste as the end credits roll.

2017 certainly had its share of great twists, but arguably just as memorable are those big reveals that fell way short of the mark, either inviting unintentional laughter, aggressively raised eyebrows or even straight-up anger that a movie pulled something so mind-bogglingly asinine.

These twists, from lazy killer reveals to ridiculous sequel bait, jaw-dropping tonal shifts and tasteless attempts to surprise the audience at all costs, are the most absurdly braindead "gotcha!" moments from the last year of movies...

12. Tom Cruise Becomes A Mummy At The End - The Mummy

The Mummy Tom Cruise Ending

The Twist: The movie ends with protagonist Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) stabbing himself with the Dagger of Set, transferring the God's essence into his body, allowing him to fight and defeat the mummy, Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella).

However, Nick pays the ultimate price, in that he's now permanently fused with Set's spirit as a human-mummy hybrid, cursed to roam the desert forever more.

Why It's Dumb: It's an hilariously transparent piece of sequel bait, promising a bigger, crazier sequel where Tom Cruise is effectively transformed into a superhero mummy, who will presumably battle against other evil mummies.

It's amusing, for sure (especially Cruise's hands being wrapped in actual mummy bandages), but also a cliffhanger ultimately more head-smackingly silly than enticing.


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