12 Extreme Horror Movies You Need To See Before You Die

No guts, no glory.

€œSome movies go too far. Others start there.€ That€™s the tagline for Uwe Boll€™s Postal (2009), but it€™s also a good definition of extreme horror, where everything is cranked up to 11 and the walls are usually painted crimson. You don€™t find these films playing alongside summer blockbusters; they play festivals and arthouses, quietly acquiring a reputation while their pricier competitors fade from the audience€™s memory. The excessive levels of physical and sexual violence means that extreme horror is defiantly anti-Hollywood, but even so, a mainstream horror film will every so often still attempt to €œgo there€. The results always prove that Tinseltown should stick to superhero flicks. Take Wes Craven€™s The Last House On The Left (1972), for example. Whatever your opinion of the film, it has a raw energy all of its own and is one of the few exploitation films that can be legitimately read as a comment (albeit rather ineptly expressed) upon violence itself. It's success spawned a 2009 Hollywood remake which, with its studio budget and name cast, was only ever one step away from being a generic teens in peril movie. So if you€™re looking for an alternative to the current crop of €œbeen there, done that€ multiplex horror pictures, here€™s where you start, but be warned: viewing may cause severe damage to your brain cells.
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