12 Extreme Horror Movies You Need To See Before You Die

12. The Machine Girl (2008)

When a girl in a movie directed by Noburu Iguchi, who gave us Zombie Ass: The Toilet Of The Dead and Mutant Girls Squad, informs her brother that €œviolence doesn€™t solve anything€, you know it€™s only a matter of time before she€™ll avenge his murder by machine gunning everything in sight. When the local Yakuza clan realize what she€™s done, Ami (Minase Yashiro) has her arm cut off as punishment, so she seeks medical advice from her local mechanic (wouldn€™t you?), who stitches up the wound with a needle and thread. Ami also gets a replacement limb in the form of a custom-made machine gun that can blast flesh from bone and blow gaping holes in its targets, which so terrifies the Yakuza that they hire a group of samurai warriors in bulletproof football helmets and shoulder pads. Indefensible, senseless and as subtle as a chainsaw, Machine Girl exists for no reason other than to see how much gratuitous bloodshed it can squeeze into its running time. There€™s really no reason not to like it.
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