12 Films That Wasted Incredible Potential

All of these films had the chance to be so much more, but sadly, they all blew it...

Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Every so often the latest lineup of films poised to hit theatres can give us very little to get excited about.

Another unnecessary sequel to a once beloved franchise. A family film with an unbearable cast of child actors. An older actor known for starring in serious dramas now appearing in a cringe worthy comedy. And of course, the generic action film you’ll probably want to watch just to see how stupid things can get.

Sometimes you will feel like you have seen all of these films before and once again begin to question if originality is well and truly dead in the film industry.

But once every blue moon, a new film will come along and capture everyone's attention. Trailers show the potential in the film's premise and the hype begins to build as audiences hope the film can deliver an experience worthy of said hype.

But where some of these films stick the landing, others miss the mark completely, and despite their enjoyability, end up leaving audiences to wonder what could have been.

Here are some films that had such great potential, only to waste it on a mediocre and underwhelming experience.

12. Lucy

Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Based on the myth that humans only use 10% of their brain’s capabilities, Lucy explores what would happen if we were able to use 100%. With Scarlett Johansson starring as the titular character and Luc Besson as writer and director, people took notice of the film very quickly and were excited to see what would happen.

The film would start out strong, as Johansson’s character unintentionally ingests large quantities of a new drug. As a result, she acquires superior mental and physical abilities which later develop into superpowers like telepathy and telekinesis.

Unfortunately, while the drugs give Lucy the ability to become superhuman, the film did little to stimulate the brains of its audience.

Besson would admit that the idea was to have the first half of the film follow a similar style to one of his previous films, Leon: The Professional, while the second half was to be a combo of Inception and 2001: A Space Odyssey. This would explain why the film had such a nonsensical plot

Although the film was a commercial success, it left many film goers and critics unsatisfied with its ludacris ending.

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