12 Great Horror Movie Shorts You Need To See

12. Childer

Childer is a brilliant short by director Aislinn Clarke who is better known for directing the equally brilliant found-footage feature The Devil’s Doorway.

Childer's explicit horrors are few and far between. What this film does in those in-between parts is instill an unease. At its core is a mother-son dynamic, but that dynamic always feels a bit off. The environment surrounding them is fairly mundane, but there is so much about it that doesn’t feel right. The mother herself is in turns normal and indecipherable. It’s a queasy kind of horror that gets deeper and deeper - the world becoming more and more perverse, the mother and son finding themselves further and further in the midst of a vague, but nonetheless encroaching danger.

It’s a brilliant film that takes its time to immerse us in its setting and, in doing so, keeps us from ever feeling comfortable.


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