12 Great Movies That You'll Never Watch Again (And Why)

Once is quite enough, thank you very much.

When you ask a film lover what their favourite movie is, nine times out of ten it€™s something that they have re-watched so many times they have lost count of the tally, memorising the lines, laughing at the same jokes, taking in every inane detail to the point where they see it on screen before it even appears.

We€™'re all guilty of having at least that one movie that we watch to death, but does a great movie have to be something you can watch over and over? Some of the most memorable films of all time are built around jaw dropping twists that are totally worth 90 plus minutes of deception, while other greats are so harrowing that they force you to mull them over in your head long after you have left the cinema.

All of the films on this list were positively received by viewers and/or critics, and there isn€™t a single one you would want to put yourself through a second time. Sometimes a film is so mind blowing, so disturbing yet so brilliant that you want to give it a round of applause and then turn you back on it for good.



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