12 Great Recent Movie Performances Destined To Be Forgotten

11. Ewan McGregor - Birds Of Prey

Goon Seann William Scott
Warner Bros.

Quite frankly, there were several possibilities for Birds of Prey inclusions on this list because the movie was CRIMINALLY under-watched in theaters. That said, out of every one of the 'one and done' characters featured in the movie, who else but Ewan McGregor's impeccably dressed, eccentric psychopath Roman Sionis?

Sionis is such a perfect villain because you have every right to despise him and hate his guts, but you can't help but love him. With his temper tantrums and just plain excitable nature, he's almost charming in his immaturity. But then he shows his true sinister nature, and McGregor not only pulls it off, he revels in his onscreen cruelty.

The real crime of BoP is that due to its rapid pacing, there was only so much time for Black Mask to be the crazed scene-stealer that he was. He was a pitch-perfect antagonist for the film though, and an eye-grabbing presence whenever he was in a scene as the actor is seemingly having a blast with the role. McGregor makes Roman Sionis one of the top DCEU villains with less screentime and less of a fanbase. Even though the film underperformed overall, here's hoping more check it out digitally so they can better appreciate one of McGregor's career best performances.


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