12 Greatest Ever Comic Book Movie Anti-Heroes

It's good to be a little bit bad.

Heroism isn't a matter of black and white. If the rising trend of complex comic book movie morality tales is going to teach audiences anything in Civil War and Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman, it's that acts of heroism sit more on a convoluted rainbow of greyscales. And because blurring those boundaries leads to intriguing storylines and layered characters, the idea of the anti-hero is an increasingly strong brand in comic book movies.

Superman was deemed too nice, so Zack Snyder had him snap Zod's neck, Ant-Man is an actual criminal and even Captain America is willing to break the rules in the interest of the greater good. Being a little bit bad is totally the new being good, unless your Toby Maguire in Spider-Man 3, in which case you should be stopped at all costs.

And it goes without saying that the naughtier the anti-hero, the higher they rank on the cool scale.

So who are the dirtiest dozen heroes who aren't afraid of messing with moral integrity, brushing away acceptable behaviour and middle finger saluting the flag to get sh*t done? Let's just say you probably wouldn't mess with them...


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