12 Horror Movies So Bad Actors Completely Disowned Them

Zellweger vs Leatherface! Janet Leigh vs rabbits! Tom Hanks and Jennifer Aniston vs their agents!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Renee Zellweger Matthew McConaughey

Let’s face it—we’ve all taken on jobs we’re ashamed of in our time, and in this global capitalist hell we’re in, few CVs are free from a handful of ignominious “I was young and needed the paycheque” gigs (or not so young, but needed to keep the lights on—you get the picture).

Of course actors are no different from the rest of us (despite what a few misguided John Lennon singalongs on Instagram might make you think), and many stars have a handful of duds hidden in the bottom of their resumes which they’d rather were never unearthed.

Some stars go so far as to disown their early roles, particularly in horror flicks, a genre where critics often default to calling films thoughtless and trashy before even giving them a chance.

With that in mind, this is a compilation of a dozen instances where much loved stars completely disowned the horror flicks they appeared in years after the cheque had cleared—some for good reason, and some solely so they wouldn’t be laughed out of later auditions.

12. Katherine Isabelle - Freddy Vs Jason

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Renee Zellweger Matthew McConaughey
New Line Cinema

As far as cast complaints go, Ginger Snaps star/ legendary scream queen Katherine Isabelle had a fairly valid cause behind her beef with Freddy Vs Jason director Ronny Yu.

The actor claims that Bride of Chucky helmer Yu assured her there would be no nudity required for her role in this long-awaited slasher icon face-off, only for Isabelle to arrive on-set and learn she was expected to perform a hotly contested shower scene in the nip, prompting a massive fight.

Yes, a body double was called in to cover for Isabelle, but her relationship with the director never recovered from the incident, with Isabelle icily claiming she “expected more of that film” about the much-maligned pair up years later.

Us too and all, Kathy.


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