12 Incredible 2013 Performances That Definitely Won't Win An Oscar

12. Colin Farrell (Saving Mr. Banks)

Although Saving Mr. Banks was largely a dull, lifeless love letter from Disney to itself, there was a surprising number of likeable supporting characters that pop in and out of the movie. One of the most memorable was Travers Goff, the father of main character P.L Travers, who was played by Colin Farrell in another, typically excellent performance. Farrell has long been one of the most underrated actors in the business, and here he convincingly portrays a warm, loving father, who, despite being an essentially tragic character, is a role model for the young P.L Travers. Saving Mr. Banks wouldn't quite have worked if the audience couldn't understand Travers affection for her father, but Farrell knocks it out of the park. He makes his flawed character a poignant and memorable addition to a film that for the most part was particularly unmemorable. In many ways, he provides the movie the soul that it would have lacked otherwise, and although he won't receive a nomination, he might be the best part of Saving Mr. Banks.

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