12 Insane First Drafts Of Famous Movies

8. The One Where Indiana Jones Is A Monster - Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Movie We Know...

The classic film with arguably the greatest movie hero of all time. He wasn't entirely wholesome (nor a very good archeologist, given how much he broke), but there was immense charm in his cantankerousness. But then, what else should we have expected from Harrison Ford?

But, What We Almost Got...

There's slightly grumpy and there's being an outright criminal monster, which is what George Lucas initially wanted Indy to be for the sake of making him edgy.

According to the transcript of the 1978 story meetings between Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan, the former wanted Marion Ravenwood to be eleven (or twelve at a push) because it would have been "amusing to make her slightly young at the time" of their meeting.

Horrifyingly, Lucas literally said that "Fifteen is right on the edge" in the same exchange, referring not to legality but to INTEREST. Mercifully, when the film came out, his "ideas" weren't made concrete.


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