12 MCU Phase 5 Rumours That Would Change Everything

Galactus, mutants and even more Spider-Man...?

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With Spider-Man back in the MCU and the entire Phase 4 mapped out, including all of those new MCU Disney+ shows, there's a lot to be excited about once 2020 kicks off properly. Until then, however, it's hard not to look at that slate and think about the film we know are coming, but which have no updates or strict confirmations yet.

To put it mildly, Phase 5 looks even more exciting, even with only its bones announced. This is, after all, where we'll get to see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, where the Defenders characters can become active again, where the Guardians and the Avengers will return and where we're bound to get even more new character debuts.

Even with very little set in stone, there are a lot of rumours about what could be happening and a lot of it could prove to be truly game-changing...

12. Nova Is Coming... And He's Bringing Thanos Back

Nova Marvel Movie
Marvel Comics

As was already speculated off the back of Infinity War and mention of the decimation of Xandar that happened off-screen, Nova's future appearance in the MCU has already been seeded. That too fits with Kevin Feige's mention of him as being on his big board of potential characters under consideration.

And now there are more rumours about the Nova Corps hero. Firstly, he's coming - which Jeremy Conrad said some time ago and now there's suggestion that his stand-alone movie will open Phase 5 and will bring Thanos in to set up Nova's origin as he destroys Xandar. Presumably, that would only be for a cameo.

New talk from WGTC and MCU Cosmic have also identified former Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien as a front-runner to play the character, suggesting a young take on the character. Could that mean he's being eyed up for a Young Avengers team, perhaps?

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